Patrick Mahomes 'excited' to have bye week, ready for Colts

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Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-07 09:58:40-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One thing you know Patrick Mahomes will be doing during this ever-important bye week: watching games.

He’s maybe the biggest sports fan in town, showing up at Texas Tech games at Sprint Center, becoming a staple at big Sporting KC matches, and he even famously sported a cut-off T-Bones jersey at a NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway over the summer.

Mahomes. Loves. Sports.

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“You will watch all of them,” said Mahomes about the Wildcard games this weekend. “You’re lucky enough they’re all at different times so you can see everyone playing and how they’re playing against each other.”

Of course, his dad played baseball. He played baseball. He played basketball. And I’m sure gave some combination of soccer, track, wrestling, lacrosse, curling, jai-alai, and extreme ironing a try.

It’s a nice little habit – being addicted to sports. I mean, most of us have it, but when you combine it with the skills of Patrick Star then you probably never have to worry about him not viewing enough game film or knowing enough about the opponent.

“I am excited to have this bye week and then have the opportunity to play against a great team,” said Mahomes.

He should be excited. Every Super Bowl since the NFL Playoffs expanded in 1979 has featured at least one team that had a first-round bye. Every single Super Bowl teams since 2012 has received a first-round bye.

Moreover, of the 56 conference title games that have been held under the current format, 54 have been hosted by teams with a first-round bye.

Rest matters in the NFL Playoffs.

“Being able to keep yourself fresh, your mind fresh and body moving around, you don’t want to take too much time off,” said Mahomes.

Mahomes has only had one bye week as a pro but it led to a fruitful performance. After a roller coaster performance in his 11th straight game of the season – 6 touchdowns, 5 turnovers against the Rams – Mahomes bounced back after a Week 12 bye with a crisp, four-touchdown, zero-interception game on the road at the Raiders.

In Mahomes' last season at Texas Tech he had a bye. Following it, Pat threw four touchdowns and one interception and put up 55 points (albeit against Kansas).

The game following a bye the season before, Mahomes threw for 372 yards and a TD, and ran for 84 more yards and a TD in a 48-45 win over Texas.

Mahomes responds after byes.

“You do want to get your body healthy and move around to make sure you’re in tip top shape,” said the quarterback.

Mahomes says he’ll get a couple of workouts in during this bye week but that Andy Reid will also give them some free time.

And then it’s back to work next week to gameplan for the Chargers, Ravens, or Colts.

Whatever way, Mahomes will be ready.