Jayhawks land 'top recruit' on national signing day

Posted at 10:41 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 11:38:15-05

LAWRENCE, Kan. – The lives of thousands of young men changed on Wednesday. National Signing Day is filled with high hopes and expectations. 

For the University of Kansas Football team, the day took on special meaning as the Jayhawks welcomed one of its newest members, and he's already getting plenty of praise.

Kansas safety Bryce Torneden is showing the Jayhawks top new recruit around campus, and so far he's been impressed.

"He's pretty passionate about these Jayhawks, so I'm glad he's a part of the family."

He's not the only one. Former Kansas student turned proud mom Lorelei Witt is happy that her son is getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

"It makes me happy seeing him have something to look forward to like this."

They're all talking about 11-year-old Tayber Witt. A phenom from Tonganoxie Elementary, Tayber has been living with genetic syndromes since birth.

Through the Team Impact program, Witt became an official member of the team on National Signing Day. 

All of his buddies on the playground are excited for him.

"They say it's very awesome and stuff," said Tayber during his very own press conference. 

For the next two years, Tayber will be at practices and games, which will give him a real boost of confidence.

"We've just begun, but it has already made an impact on Tayber," according to his mother. It's not just Tayber reaping the benefits; the players are learning just as much from this pint-sized dynamo.

So hats to the recruiting class of 2018. One that's already proving to be one of the strongest in a long time.