Kansas City Chiefs' legacy inspires fan to write children's book

Story of a grandfather and grandson's fandom
Posted at 8:33 PM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 23:44:43-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs' road to the Super Bowl in 2020 inspired a fan to write a children's book about the team and its storied history.

Overland Park resident Jeremy Foster felt a wave of emotions as the team hoisted the Lamar Hunt trophy following last year's AFC Championship game when the Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans.

"The trophy that bears Lamar’s name and it was this moment of, 'I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe they were actually doing this,'" Foster said. "It had been 50 years. It had never happened during my lifetime."

That's when Foster decided it was time to write a book. As a lifelong Chiefs fan himself, Foster felt compelled to draw on his own experiences for his first book titled, "Kansas City's Story of Epic Football Glory."

"I was imaging a grandfather telling the story of the glory days back when Lamar first brought the team to Kansas City," Foster said, "and then the 50-year drought and then this journey the grandfather and grandson share together of the Chiefs coming back to glory and all the excitement around the team."

The book began as a poem that Foster penned right after Super Bowl LIV and later expanded.

"As I was sharing it with my family, they were just really enthusiastic about it," Foster said. "So I was reading to some friends and they were really enthusiastic about it, so eventually we made the leap and went into the scary leap of creating a book."

"Kansas City's Story of Epic Football Glory" is available virtually, and Foster shows it to students around the Kansas City metro. He hopes it brings together all generations of Chiefs fans from every walk of life.

"A cool thing about children's books in general is they bring multiple generations together," Foster said. "A lot of times in this day and age, we’re all separated."

As the Chiefs try to "Run it Back" and claim a second Super Bowl win, Foster might also pen a sequel.

"There are many cool themes that could be drawn upon for a sequel, and I’m already getting pressure to write a sequel," he said.

The book is available in paperback on Amazon.