Kansas City volunteers fight human trafficking in Miami

Posted at 5:58 AM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 09:19:26-05

MIAMI — Thousands of people attend the Super Bowl every year, but with the excitement also comes serious crime.

A group of Kansas City residents flew to Miami to help put a stop to human trafficking.

Officials say its a crime that sparks where large crowds are formed.

“In order for human trafficking to exist, there has to be a demand and statistically, America, American men create the demand," Nadia Porter of the 611 Network said.

Porter is leading the effort in Miami during Super Bowl LIV week to combat human trafficking.

“We have teams that go into the strip clubs, to reach out to the women there, give them gifts, encourage them. We go into the brothels again, just loving the women, how can we serve you," Porter said.

Around last year's Super Bowl in Atlanta, the FBI made 60 arrests for both trafficking and men soliciting sex.

Still days away from Super Bowl Sunday in Miami, the FBI says a handful of arrests have already been made.

Tina Downey is one of the volunteers from Kansas City spreading hope and offering help to women in Miami.

“Just to see the fear in some of the women's hearts, just to see that some of them want to engage, they want to get away but they’re afraid. They have someone that is forcing them to do things that they wouldn’t normally do if they didn’t have to do it," Downey said.

Helping to rescue people from trafficking is a difficult task, but one that the group says they are working hard to tackle.

Several men, including David Bennett, are also getting involved in the fight.

“It’s just a collaboration of all these different organizations, all these different lanes that everyone is in, coming together to do one thing, and that’s to raise awareness and hopefully over time, you know, de-escalate human trafficking in the country and around the world," Bennett said.