KU to face TCU on Senior Night

Les Miles
Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 19:13:59-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There was no football game for Kansas on Nov. 21. The game that was scheduled to happen against Texas was postponed to Dec.12 due to KU’s inability to meet the minimum position requirements.

Les Miles, head coach, believes that the team should have enough players for Saturday’s game versus TCU.

“We had a practice on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Certainly, we weren’t fortunate enough to have all of our team there to practice but we did halfline, we did small groups, we did big groups — the same kind of practice we will have today. Not ideal but very effective,” Miles said.

Although KU hasn’t played a game since Nov.7, players said that there’s no rust. They went through each week like there was a game to play.

“It’s like we got extra practices, I guess,” said wide receiver Takulve Williams.

Saturday will be Senior Night for the Jayhawks. Things will look a lot different from Senior Nights past with no fans being allowed at the game. Due to the pandemic, seniors will also have a chance to return next season.

Senior outside linebacker Kyron Johnson said he will be back.

“Yeah, I thought about returning and I actually think I will return,” he said.

Johnson said returning wouldn’t be for his own wellbeing, but to lead the others to put KU on the map.

“As you can tell, we're not on the map and people know that. It’s good to say that, it’s OK. We’re not on the map, we’re 0-8 or 0-7 shall I say? We still got three more games to go and with that being said, it is what it is,” Johnson said.

Sam Schroeder said he’s still thinking about if he’d like to return.

“Relying heavily on my faith to decide which path I want to choose, coming back or not. As of right now, still no big decision yet,” he said. .

After TCU, Kansas will face Texas Tech and play the postponed Texas game.