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Center Yellowjackets Senior Track Star Jeremiah Wilson is Hy-Vee Athlete of the Week

Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Jeremiah Wilson is Mr. Do-Everything
Posted at 9:55 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 23:54:32-04

Center Yellowjackets Senior Track & Field star Jeremiah Wilson believes he is the fastest high school athlete in the entire state of Missouri. He may be right. He is certainly making a fantastic case to make such a claim. 

After all, he's won 7-out-of his-last-8 races in three track meets over the last two weeks.

Just last Thursday, in the Grandview/Bill Summa Invitational, at William Chrisman High School, he won the 100 meter dash (10.93 seconds), the 200 meter dash (22.03 seconds) and finished 2nd in the 400 meter dash (50.64 seconds). On Thursday, March 29th at the Odessa Invitational, he won all three events he ran: 100 meter dash (10.76 seconds), 4x100 meter relay (44.47 seconds) and the 4x200 meter relay (1:32.96). Earlier that same week, on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, at the Grain Valley Open Time Trials, he won the 100 meter dash (10.94 seconds).

Jeremiah says he's continued to work at his craft each and every day.

"[I'm always] working hard. I never gave up. I just been training. And, the coaches got me right. So, hard work pays off I guess," Jeremiah said. "[Coach Bryan DeLong] helped me a lot. My Freshman year I was bad. I didn't really listen. And, DeLong just stuck with me. He was hard on me. And, he knew what it took to like break me down and make me into the athlete that I am."

Jeremiah plays four sports in total: football, basketball, baseball and track. He actually received a full scholarship to play football at Missouri State. He'll begin there in the fall of this year. 

Bryan DeLong serves as both the Track & Field Head Coach and the Football Head Coach. He is well aware of how talented Jeremiah is.

"I get to see him all year round with football. And, he's in weights class and running track. And, just watching him develop into the young man and the young athlete that he's become," DeLong said. "I really feel he's got a chance to compete for a state title this year. i mean, he's gifted. And, I enjoy watching him run at track meets."

Coach DeLong has been around Jeremiah for four years and certainly knows that he is super competitive in whatever he does. And, that competitive blood runs through his veins.

"He's a competitor. You know, I've seen Jeremiah get heated in a game of kickball," Coach DeLong said. "You know, he likes to win and that's a good quality."

The competitive juices certainly were flowing after he finished 2nd, in the 400 meter dash, at the Grandview Invitational. He says he hates to lose.

"The 100 and 200, that's my race. So, I train hard for that. I always said, I'm the fastest in the state. So, I don't plan on losing to nobody," Jeremiah said.

"[But], coach told me to run the 400. And, I was like, 'I ain't scared of no 400.' So, I just ran the 400. Never trained for it or [anything]. I got out there and I ran a 50 flat. And, they said it was good. But, I was just mad I came in second. I [didn't] care about the time. I just wanted to win. I gotta run it again. I can't go out like that."

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