Center HS Robert Gillum wins 5-Star AOW

Posted at 8:22 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 21:38:46-05

You often hear of athletes talk about being "in the zone”. It's a crazy phenomenon when a player turns into a super hero.

Everything slows down, and for a short time they are virtually unstoppable!

That's exactly what happened to Center High School's Robert Gillum, making him our 41 5-Star athlete of the week.

In the Yellowjackets recent game against O'hara High School, Gillum scored a school record 43 points against the Celtics. 

"The first quarter I was a little off," said Gillum of his record-breaking performance.  "I was missing here and there. I missed like three shots. Then the second quarter I stopped missing; I was like give me the ball I'm on fire. I felt like I had a mismatch so I kept going."

Benny Moore has been the head coach at Center for 9 years and says Gillum is a special player.

"I really didn't know he had that many points until after the game. My manager came up to me and said that Robert had 43. I said Wow! From the bench watching I could see him scoring a bunch of points but I didn't know it was to that magnitude and that was very impressive."

Impressive indeed, but basketball is not Gillum main sport.

He also plays tight end for the football team and has college offers coming in from Northern Iowa, Illinois State, North Dakota and Missouri State.


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