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'They're special to us': Engaged couple met driving buses for KC Current

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Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 15, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Current are just one day away from the grand opening of their CPKC Stadium — the world’s first professional sports stadium built solely for women.

It’s been a series of moments and milestones that got the team here.

But KSHB 41 had the chance to also meet the people who, literally, get the team to and from their experiences.

La’Creshia Wells and Howard Wheeler spend a lot of time on the road.

They’re the team’s two bus drivers, and it turns out, they were a match made in Kansas City.

“We were just friends enjoying, you know, traveling all over the place and one thing led to another,” Wells said. “We just never left each other alone.“

The engaged couple are both bus drivers through WindStar Lines, and it’s how they met.

Windstar Lines does most of Kansas City’s soccer transportation and other college and professional sports, which includes both Sporting KC and KC Current.

“Us together, it's genuine work,” Wells said. “We work together very well, which is why we are on a lot of things together. “

Now, they share a love for each other, and for their young daughter Rae’Lynn, all thanks to the love they share for KC Current.

“They're special to us. They treat us like regular people. We treat them like regular people. It's like a family,” Wells said.

For her and Wheeler, the team and the stadium are like their second family and home.

“I actually got to take them to their practice facility when it first opened,” Wheeler said. “So I got to tour with them when they first got in and I just remembered the look on their faces, how happy they was to get something brand new that was for them.”

They both realize they’ve got a front row, driver’s seat to history.

“Seeing the reactions on their faces every single time they get to go into their locker room and know that that is theirs. This stadium is theirs,” Wells said.

But they’re not the only ones with this view. It’s history for their little Rae’Lynn, too, and what this could one day empower her to accomplish.

“It's history for her as well,” Wells said. “It makes us feel like she can do anything, it's possible. This is here for her if this is something that she wants to pursue when she gets older.”

It’s one of many legacies Howard and La’Creshia are steering every time they hit the road.

Like CPKC Stadium, WindStar Lines is what it is thanks to women-operated and influenced history.

The company drives for all the incoming teams that play Sporting KC (MLS) and KC Current (NWSL). They are partners with Sporting KC and the MLS.

They also drive for KU, UMKC, Metropolitan Community College, Johnson County Community College, William Jewell College, and the University of Central Missouri.

If you’re interested in driving for WindStar Lines or would like to learn more about the company, you can visit their website.