Nick Jacobs’ game plan: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City in primetime on Sunday Night Football
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Posted at 5:11 PM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 18:11:33-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs head into Baltimore with four-consecutive victories under their belt against the Ravens.

Last week, the Ravens elected to bring the blitz against the Las Vegas Raiders, and it cost them a victory in overtime. Baltimore brought cover zero (no safety over top) multiple times in their Monday night match-up and got burned in the process.

Here are the keys for the Chiefs to come away with a victory:

1. Have an answer for their blitz
Last season, the Ravens spent the offseason adding pieces to keep up with the Chiefs. The Ravens elected to blitz quarterback Patrick Mahomes on 49% of the Chiefs passing plays last year. Mahomes answered with 19 of 23, 250 passing yards and three touchdowns against their blitz. Kansas City came away with a 34-20 victory because of it. Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale will likely test out the Chiefs newly formed offensive line early. If the team has an answer for their blitzes, it will likely yield a similar result.

2. Contain Lamar Jackson and bring a fifth late
Lamar Jackson is the key to the Ravens offense after their loss of running backs: JK Dobbins, Justice Hill and Gus Edwards. The rush lanes must remain disciplined. The ends must contain up-field and pin him in. The defensive tackles need to collapse the pocket in. If they leave a lane open, it has to be one they are funneling Jackson to with a blitzer or spy waiting to stop him.

3. Be okay with the check down
The Ravens defense is fast. And if they can’t blitz the quarterback they likely to keep everything in front of them. Baltimore has serious speed in their back seven. They are able to fly around to the ball and hold teams before the sticks.

4. Two and three tight for the run
This is a game where, at times, the Chiefs may need to be okay establishing the run and slowing down the Ravens defense. The Chiefs found success in their two tight end sets running the football. The Ravens struggled to stop the Raiders run in both the two and three tight end sets. Kansas City could find stability on down and distances with the run.

5. Bunches in redzone get you the middle
The Bunch formation is tough for the Ravens to defend in the redzone. Their corners really struggle and are easily picked out of this formation or leaves gaps in coverage. Kansas City should find routine success with their strategy.

The Chiefs have won the past four match-ups against the Ravens. Three of those were with Patrick Mahomes at the helm, and if the Chiefs can execute these points, they can make it five in a row.