Olathe man’s football helmet collection turning heads

Collection features nearly 300 helmets
Jerry Quickel
Jerry Quickel's football helmet collection
Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 28, 2021

OLATHE, Kan. — Jerry Quickel, an Olathe resident, has a man cave that would put others to shame.

However, before turning their unfinished basement into an unprecedented man cave, Quickel had to make a deal with his wife.

“I dust and it doesn't go past the threshold of upstairs,” he said laughingly. Quickel boasts an unique collection of high school, college and professional football helmets that's nearing the 300 mark.

“I got one in yesterday, so went up to 281,” Quickel said. “It really just exploded last year.”

The former Riddell sales representative is on his second collection, after selling over 250 helmets to Chappell's Restaurant & Sports Museum in the mid-90’s.

His helmets are new and old, from schools big and small and Quickel says the thrill is all in the chase.

“You know, I check their scores. I learn a little bit about their school. I learned their mascots where they're at. It's really been fun learning about the schools and the leagues I play in,” Quickel said.