Reid maze gives new definition to 'Big Red'

Posted at 1:31 PM, Dec 05, 2020

ORRICK, Mo. — They call him "Big Red" but this is taking it to another level.

"What I like to say is that it's my tip of the hat to Coach Reid," said Rob Stouffer of Precision Mazes.

Rob has tilled a 27-acre image of Andy Reid into a soy bean field south of Orrick, Missouri.

"I would hope that he would be pleased by our work and our effort and he would see it as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for his work in Kansas City," said Stouffer.

Reid has seen the artwork and commented about it after practice on Friday.

"That's quite a deal. I wish he had a little more to work with but that's all right," joked Reid. "He did a great job with it. And made me look good."

Rob used a Bobcat with a five-foot-long tiller to create Reid's maze. Out of over 1,000 projects in over 30 states in 20 years, Stouffer calls it the second-toughest design he's ever done.

His Salvador Dali project takes cake in that category.

But the Andy Reid project is all by itself in another category.

"This is the first project I've ever done where no one has paid me," said Stouffer.

It's true. He's a huge Chiefs fan and wanted to pay homage to Reid after bringing Kansas City a Super Bowl win earlier this year.

Stouffer has a lot of fun measurements to illustrate just how big the Andy Reid maze is. For instance, if Patrick Mahomes threw a football 83 yards, it would take him four throws to carry the length of the maze.

According to Stouffer, you could fit 22,058 cheeseburgers inside the mouth of the image.

And his personal favorite, "It takes 700-thousand normal face shields to cover Andy's face in the field."

Reid joked, "It's a lot better than what the aliens do."

When asked, Stouffer said he'd gladly do a Mahomes maze, but with one condition.

"I would probably want to make sure that was commissioned," laughed Stouffer.