Reid on Chiefs loss: 'It's not just one position'

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Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 13:57:09-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addressed reporters Monday following a tough Sunday night defeat to the Buffalo Bills.

The team suffered from penalties and turnovers on offense and missed tackles and errors on defense, bringing the final score to 20-38.

It's the team's third loss this season, which is uncharacteristic of the team in recent years.

"We just all need to rise our game up and have that same urgency to get things done," Reid said to reporters.

When asked about being the number one target for other teams, he said that's the position the Chiefs want to be in, but the team needs to be technically sound to face that challenge.

"I think we've taken the same steps, we stick close to the same program we've had in the past," he said of their strategy. "It's getting everyone caught up on this, understanding it, working through it."

The team grabbed several new players in the draft and the offseason, and even added wide receiver Josh Gordon to the roster recently. Reid believes it's a matter of getting everyone back on the same page.

When asked about Patrick Mahomes' performance, Reid said the star quarterback is just trying to maximize each play.

"Sometimes you try so hard that you do something you normally wouldn't do," he said.

Mahomes is known for making big plays with massive yardage, which opposing teams have been efficient at stopping this season.

"There's a time and place for that," Reid said.

He pointed out that the team used to receive a lot of man coverage in Mahomes' first seasons, and the team adapted. Now, the Chiefs are receiving a lot of zone coverage.

"They're making you kind of work your way down the field, so we're putting these drives together and we're having hiccups on the drives," Reid said. "The issue is penalties and turnovers."

Reid said it comes down to sustaining the drives and having the whole package.

Safety Daniel Sorensen took some heat for several missed tackles and missteps. Reid was asked about one of those plays specifically.

After reviewing the tape, he admitted Sorensen had his eyes in the backfield instead of on the tight end and lost him completely.

However, Reid didn't say he's going to make major changes to the lineup. He said they look at the lineup every game, win or lose.

"We'll keep looking at that and if something needs change, we'll change it," he added. "It's not just one position. It's everybody doing their job. Coaches included."

Overall, Reid seems to think focusing on taking care of the ball and avoiding the technical hiccups will help them adapt to the zone coverage and get back on track.

The Chiefs face the Washington Football Team in Washington on Sunday.

Washington is 2-3 on the season, just like the Chiefs.

Head Coach Ron Rivera used to be an assistant coach under Reid in Philadelphia.

"He uses personnel well," Reid said of Rivera.

He said coaches who have worked together in the past always have to be creative because they both know what the other does, but overall, it's a matter of technique.

Reid said Rivera knows his team and their strengths.

"Therefore, every time playing him has been a little different," he said.

Sunday's game kicks off at noon Central Time.