TICO Sports making history broadcasting for both teams in Super Bowl LVII

Tico Sports making history in Super Bowl LVII
Posted at 9:33 PM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 23:43:14-05

GLENDALE, Ariz. — TICO Sports, a Kansas City based company, will provide the official Spanish radio broadcast for both the Chiefs and the Eagles during Super Bowl LVII.

Oscar Monterroso, owner and co-founder of TICO Productions, talked about how big the opportunity is.

“Wow, It’s incredible," he said.

TICO Sports, a division of the company, kicked things off in 2016.

Its first NFL partner was none other than their hometown team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

“It’s been really incredible. We have a lot of good relationships and networks, obviously that we've been able to utilize, but the Chiefs have been a great partner," said CiCi Rojas, president and partner of TICO Productions. "They've literally helped us early on with us just kind of a dream for us."

KSHB 41 sat down with the pair at Pa’La Kitchen in downtown Phoenix, where the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement hosted a reception in celebration of Super Bowl LVII.

Monterroso expressed the significance of having an official Spanish broadcast for people who consider it their primary language.

“It is important because they love the football. They love the game in not only what we're hearing what is in Kansas City or the United States but outside of the United States," he said. "In Mexico, even back in Costa Rica with the people that follow the NFL, football Americano.”

This season, TICO Sports broadcast more than 100 games for five NFL teams, a record for them.

“It’s something to dream of,” Monterroso said. “Anything is possible when you work hard for it.”