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This Amazon stain remover gets out all my kids’ clothing stains

This Amazon stain remover gets out all my kids’ clothing stains
Posted at 10:00 AM, Feb 27, 2024

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It used to be that my regular stain-removing solutions worked well on laundry day. A little pre-spray and a wash cycle got most things out. Then, I had kids, and my kids created stains that vexed and tormented me. So, I did a web search and scoured Amazon reviews on stain removers to find something that could get out even the “I eat with my whole body” and “I left a purple pen in my pants pocket” type of stains — and I found one.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is my secret weapon for kids’ clothing stains. When I rub in this clear gel and let it sit on really tough clothes stains, it has been the most effective stain remover I’ve ever found.


Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

$15 for a 3-pack at Amazon $14 from Walmart

The brand claims that this spot remover will remove paint, oil, grease, make-up, grass, inks, blood, coffee, rust, pet stains and more. While I haven’t tested every single soil type, the ones I have used the spot remover on have disappeared. Plus, the Grandma’s brand says this product is not tested on animals and is free of bleach, phosphates and chlorine.

Below, you can see just how well it got a chocolate stain out of my kid’s skort.

Skirts stain before and after
Anna Weaver

I like the small bottle of concentrate because you don’t need a lot to treat a stain, and I can use the tip of the nozzle to rub the gel. Grandma’s recommends you “thoroughly work in” the product and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before washing. I usually let it sit even longer, partly because I forget and go do other things.

I do also have a trick to making the product even more effective: rubbing alcohol.

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover Laundry Spray

$18 for a 2-pack at Amazon $6 from Walmart

A purple ink pen got into the wash undetected and exploded, leaving purple ink everywhere. What helped me remove ink stains was a combination of rubbing alcohol and Grandma’s. First, I soaked a cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol and dabbed at the purple spots, drawing out some of the purple ink. I poured more on for good measure and followed with Grandma’s. A wash with that combination left only the faintest stains. I went one more round with Grandma’s and washed with Tide Ultra Stain Release detergent to fully get rid of the purple catastrophe.

Now if only Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover had the secret formula to getting my kids to be less messy, I’d be buying it in bulk!

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