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Wild weather continues to impact many across the US

There is no letup in severe weather conditions affecting parts of the U.S., from winter storms in the Northwest to dry conditions fueling fires.
Wild weather continues to impact many across the US
Posted at 8:20 PM, Mar 04, 2024

Even more snow is in the forecast for California after a massive blizzard slammed into the Sierra Nevada mountains over the weekend. Snowblowers broke down as more than seven feet of snow fell in some areas. The Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort remained closed Monday as crews worked to clear snow. 

In Las Vegas, wind speeds reached a record of nearly 70 mph. The National Weather Service reported an 88 mph gust in nearby Spring Mountain. Planes were grounded, thousands were left without electricity and trees came down.

"We've been here for 30 years, and these trees were full-grown when we were here, so the trees are probably over 60 years old," said Mike Luce, a homeowner in the Las Vegas area. 

The Texas A&M Forest Service reported six active wildfires across the panhandle Monday. Air tankers are dropping fire retardant in an attempt to contain the biggest wildfire in the state's history. Other tankers are scooping water out of Lake Meredith about 40 miles north of Amarillo to drop over the flames.

Warmer temperatures, dry air and strong winds have hampered firefighting efforts, but the National Weather Service said Monday a cold front will bring cooler temperatures.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says we're seeing the extreme weather effects of climate change.

"It's a remarkable phenomenon and it will manifest itself in the days to come, and we have to prepare for it now," he said. 

Over a million acres of land have burned so far in Texas. 

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