Newsome "hangs-10" with new surfboard workout

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I've always wanted to try surfing and the new Surfset Fitness Workout was the perfect was for me to get my feet wet without getting wet.  On this week's Wednesday Workout on 41 Action News Midday, Certified  Surfset Fitness trainers, Karen Taduchi and Grace Goodman put me through the paces on the air!

Goodman and Taduchi call their workout, City Love Fitness and they offer the Surfset workout at Prairie Life Fitness Center. in Overland Park, Kan.

"This is a fun workout because the surfboard helps the person use their abs and hamstrings to maintain a balance while they do their exercise routine," said Goodman.

Taduchi explained that she's never been surfing before but she's right at home on the work-out surfboard.

"It's a lot of fun and we make sure that the music and the exercises are challenging and high-energy," Taduchi added.

When I climbed on the surfboard I realized that finding my balance was harder than it looked.  With a little help I stood upright and did a few knee bends. I felt my quad muscles working and I was also forced to think about the movements, my balance, and listen to the instructions.  So, my mind was fully engaged too.  

I was only on the surfboard a few minutes; but I will definitely plan to go to a full workout for the full surfin' experience!  

Thank you Grace and Karen!

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