Newsome launches 100-day weight-loss challenge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's nothing like a deadline to shake things up when you're trying to lose weight. So today, I'm launching the 100-day Newsome weight-loss challenge.

For the next 100 days, I'm going to  post my weight loss measurements and goals and have inspiring weight loss success stories.  

I weigh 192 pounds. I have a 38-inch waist, and my hips are 46 inches. My goal at the end of 100 days is to have a 34-inch waist, 44-inch hips and weigh 182 pounds.

Our first inspiring weight loss success story is Matthew Pate. He lost 154 pounds in one year without surgery or pills.

He enrolled in a special program at Southwest Boulevard Family Health Fitness Center.  If you are interested in the Big Changes program, call 913-722-3100 or visit


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