Workout Wednesday: Workout buddy revealed

This week's surprise workout buddy is 41 Action News 6 p.m. anchor, Jadiann Thompson.  

Newsome and Thompson decided to go on a short run together. During  the workout, Thompson said that running is a family tradition for her.

"I have family members that are runners on my dad's side of the family and on my mom's side of the family, so I'm always getting asked if I'm running and exercising," Thompson explained. "I do try to work in exercise every day if I can; I'm not always successful, but I try."

Newsome Weight-Loss Challenge

During Workout Wednesdays, Newsome invites viewers to join her Newsome Weight Loss Challenge.

There are no prizes and it's not a competition, but Newsome hopes the group will share ideas and encourage one another to exercise and eat healthy foods.

If you would like to join the Newsome Weight Loss Challenge, visit,  send her an email at

Diane People joined the Newsome Weight Loss Challenge and made a guest appearance during the Wednesday Workout segment. 

"I started losing weight before I joined the Newsome Weight Loss Challenge. All total, I have lost almost 50 pounds," Peoples said. "I feel great about my health and my appearance."

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