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The 2024 spring nail trends you should try

The 2024 spring nail trends you should try
Posted at 12:55 PM, Feb 29, 2024

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Each year, it seems a new trend emerges in manicures. In 2022, it was pearly iridescent “glazed donut” nails. In 2023, it was the slight shade variations of “paint chip” nails. But what about in 2024? We spoke with experts on the 2024 spring nail trends they expect to see.

Read on to learn about the 10 nail trends you can expect to see as people emerge from their homes this spring.

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1. Oval And Squoval Shapes

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When it comes to nail shape in 2024, think soft.

“Squoval and oval styles are really in right now,” says Houna Bech, a beauty and nail tech expert and the founder of With Houna. “Don’t get me wrong, stiletto nails aren’t going anywhere, but shorter, softer shapes are taking center stage.”

Squoval nails are a combination of the square and oval shapes and feature rounded edges. They’re smoother than more pointed shapes like stiletto and take the edge off a traditional square name. appear smoother than stiletto nails.

“Even if your nails are shorter, opt to try oval if you haven’t already,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB, the membership-based nail studio operator.

But if your nails are longer, be sure you are taking proper care of them. “The longer the nail, the more the oval tip is prone to breaking and cracking (on the sides),” Glass says.

2. Short And Simple

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Manicures began getting shorter last year, and industry experts expect that trend to continue. “Something around the tip of your finger or just past it seems to be the sweet spot,” says Bech.

What makes short nails appealing? Anna Parvatova, brand manager and creative director for SNS Nails, says they fit within the trend of classic styles making a comeback, and they’re also a practical choice, since they make it easier to type on a smartphone or a keyboard. Plus, she also says they’re less upkeep making caring for them simpler.

3. Glossy finish

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Spring 2024 nail trends will usher in lots of shiny, glistening manicures, too — so get your shiny topcoats out.

“While flat matte finishes were popular last year, it’s all about glossy nails now,” says Rose Herr, founder of the manicure app, Polished. Even a minimalist nude shade can elevate your look with a glossy finish.”

Glossy nail polish also tends to last a bit longer, and it can amplify any nail art you may want to add.

“[Glossy finishes] effortlessly go well with a wide range of designs and have the unique ability to enhance the appeal of any color or design they’re paired with,” says Parvatova.

4. Colorful Ombré

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Nail technicians are also doing lots of ombré nails — aka one shade fading into another. And for many people, even that’s not enough color variety.

“I’m seeing a lot of mix and match in my chair and ombré in vibrant colors,” says Roy.

You can even customize your ombre manicure.

“I’m so excited to see how people are experimenting with color to suit their individuality,” says Amy Ling Lin, CEO and founder of nail polish and nail care brand Dear Sundays.

5. Soft, sheer shades

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Just in time for spring, Pantone has announced that its color of the year is Peach Fuzz. How will that translate into nail color?

“People in 2024 will like softer, lighter hues,” says Parvatova. “The emphasis on soft nail colors is probably going to continue, with pastels, light pinks, sheers, and nudes being popular examples of muted, delicate shades.”

6. Nail Art

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Expect to see more fun designs and artful patterns as part ofnail art this spring.

“We are entering an era where manicures are works of art regardless of whether the design is simple or complex,” says Ling. “Nail art is added by clients onto almost every manicure service — it’s that popular!”

Thankfully, it’s easy to achieve. While yes, you can always get nail art done by a professional in a salon, our experts also pointed to nail stickers.

7. At-home kits for DIY manicures

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This spring, heading into the salon to sit for ours is out and doing your own manicure is in.

“Many people have become accustomed to doing their own nails rather than visiting a salon as a result of lockdowns,” says Parvatova. “In addition to being more convenient, at-home manicures are cheaper. New nail technologies, such as press-on nails, further simplify the whole thing.”

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8. Chrome

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According to Parvatova, chrome finishes are major for spring.

When you think of chrome, though, you don’t have to envision silver or metallic hued nails. Chrome finishes can be overlays or top coats placed on top of your manicure to give you a reflection finish. Remember, chrome nails aren’t just one thing!

9. Balletcore


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Balletcore is still in for 2024. From ballet flats to bows everywhere, this trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s coming to your nails. Bows are the move for your DIY manicure. If you happen to be a DIY whiz, paint your own, but if you need some extra help, these bow nail art stickers will do the trick.

10. Natural Nails

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Regular gels or acrylics can lead to dry, brittle or cracked nails. And manicures last longer when nails are strong and well-hydrated. So keeping them nourished and moisturized with nail treatments like Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner continues to be an important part of the manicure process, regardless of seasonal trends.

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