Kids at St. Elizabeth surprise families at Ronald McDonald House with kindness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - First graders at St. Elizabeth School might not know algebra or how to write in cursive, but they already know the value in helping complete strangers.

Tara O’Sullivan’s class at the Kansas City, Missouri school have been bringing in their piggy bank money for several weeks, using their time and resources to put together care packages for local families in need. However, Care Center Gifts, a new local care package company, recently heard about the endeavor and decided to match the class’ donations. Not only are twice the amount of care packages being disbursed, but they’re going to a very important place – the Ronald McDonald House.

"To see that there are other kids out there cheering them on, I think it's important to see that peer to peer, that kids are out there just like me and thinking about me and praying for me and cheering me on and that I am a superhero and they believe I am too,” said Sarah Brewster, co-owner of Care Center Gifts.

The first delivery went to Hope Smith, a 14-year-old currently battling brain cancer.

"When little kids are thinking of other people and just trying to make this city a better place it just goes a long way,” said Emily Gretzinger of Ronald McDonald House - Kansas City.

“We don't have a lot of groups that do things outside and bring them so that's why this was special … Kids giving to other kids is just a heartwarming thing,” she said.

The care packages include a variety of snacks, toys, games and cards hand-written from the first graders, which is a perfect gift for families leaving Ronald McDonald House who have a long drive ahead of them.

"We wanted to give them something that still adds a little bit of cheer on their ride home. So when they open it up on their long car ride they have activities, games, treats and a journal for the mom or dad,” said Brewster.

"The mission of our business is to bring happiness to those who need it most,” she said.

You can learn more about Care Center Gifts by visiting their website here.

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