Catch your next wave in ... Austin, Texas?

Posted: 9:43 AM, Oct 05, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-05 10:43:30-04

Imagine surfing the perfect wave, every single time ... in Austin, Texas. 

NLand Surf Park, America's first "surf park,"  opens Friday , and all skill levels seem welcome. The waves can be calibrated from gentle to head-high.

And with a pool nine football fields long, you can expect your ride to last a long time. 

That's welcome news, since surfers have been waiting months for the park to open. 

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First,  heavy rains  stalled construction, then the county and company had to settle  competing lawsuits  over how to safely treat the park's water.

With the issue settled, and the park finally opening to the public, the next step may be bringing in the pros. 

Red Bull  hosted a surf competition last year at NLand's sister park in Wales.    

In case you're not a pro — because you've lived in Austin your whole life –– don't worry. NLand's got a  training center  to get you up to speed. 

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