Dunkin' Donuts soars to new heights to promote on-the-go ordering

Posted: 1:23 PM, Jun 13, 2016
Updated: 2016-06-13 14:23:26-04

Most people either walk or drive to get their morning doughnut. 

But apparently, one woman performs death-defying stunts to get hers. 

Meet Ellen Brennan. She's  a wingsuit base jumper  and is often referred to as the "world's fastest female" in the sport. 

And Brennan is now being  featured in Dunkin' Donuts' #WTFast campaign  for its new on-the-go mobile ordering. 

In the commercial, she's shown jumping off a mountain in France that's more than 8,000 feet high. She reaches a speed of 120 miles per hour before grabbing her Dunkin' Donuts order midflight. 

Dunkin' was proud to point out  a bit of history was made  while filming the commercial. 

Brennan actually became the first wingsuit jumper to grab something while flying. 

Earlier this month, Dunkin' announced it was overhauling its "America Runs on Dunkin'" advertising campaign, which has  been in place since 2006

The new campaign is called "Keep On," and  Adweek reports  Dunkin' is using it to "make a more emotional connection with Dunkin' customers."

Dunkin's on-the-go ordering is now available in all U.S. stores.

This video includes images from  Facebook / Ellen Brennan  and  Instagram / ellenlbrennan  and clips from  Dunkin' Donuts

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