Samsung can't seem to get it right — Galaxy Note 7 production halted

Posted: 11:32 AM, Oct 10, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-10 12:32:32-04

Samsung is halting the production of its Galaxy Note 7 because the phones keep exploding. 

Last month, the South Korean tech giant recalled over 1 million smartphones in the U.S. after reports of their lithium-ion batteries catching fire. Worldwide, the company is in the midst of recalling  2.5 million phones .

But now, even the Note 7 replacements are overheating. 

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The PR nightmare is made worse by the fact that Samsung had first said its battery supplier was to blame. Samsung  switched suppliers , but the replacement phones are still at risk of exploding. 

As  of Sunday , AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all announced they would stop replacing the Note 7.

Instead, the three companies are offering varying refunds and exchanging the Note 7 phones for different Samsung models. 

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