Safety apps that can help in an emergency

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 13:33:17-04

Unfortunately emergencies happen, but there are apps available to help. Technology expert, Burton Kelso fills us in.


 bSafe is a free download for both Apple iOS and Android devices and contains a nice set of personal safety features. Once you setup your network of guardians, it can be used to alert friends that you've arrived at your destination, send info about your changing GPS location and even setup fake phone calls to escape uncomfortable dates.  If you need real help, bSafe offers an audible alarm and will broadcast video captured by your phone and your GPS location.

2. Smartwatcher

 For $0.99, Smartwatcher will continuously monitor your personal well being.  On a periodic basis, this app will ask if you are safe.  If you don’t respond, it will send a message to those you assign to your watchers network.  It will also track your location and offers an emergency button if you are in danger.  Smartwatcher will work will your smartphone or smart watch and it’s great for those who are prone to medical emergencies.

3. Bugle

This free app was created with input from Search and Rescue professionals, this app is designed primarily for runners, hikers, cyclists and others that don't want to take their phone with them when they're out.  You set how long you are going to be out. If you don't check in within the time limit, your emergency contacts in your phone are alerted by email and text. It's also perfect if you are going on a date with someone new, meeting someone from a Craigslist ad, or any activity where you are meeting a stranger.

4. React Mobile

This app allows people you designate to follow you in real time and get alerts of your status.  You can also configure to app to post notifications to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also purchase the React Sidekick, a wearable safety device that pairs with your smartphone and allow you call for help without the need of your smartphone.