Sprint: Thank you Verizon and Ricky Gervais

Posted at 10:26 AM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 12:59:50-04

What did Kansas City ever do to Ricky Gervais? He appears in a new Verizon commercial dismissing Kansas City, the entire state of Kansas, and--is it just our imagination--Sprint, which is headquartered here.

In case you think we're being overly sensitive, we're not the only ones taking notice!

"Gervais admits that all carriers claim they have a fast service. He says that Verizon tested this and found that one of its rivals only had a faster service in 'Kansas City and a few other places.'"

The commercial ends with a comparison between not having cellular service when and where you need it and lacking a parachute if you have to bail out of a plane.

UPDATE: Sprint is apparently unphased. Chief Technology Officer John Saw told the Kansas City Business Journal:

"We are flattered that they would spend so much on TV ads for Sprint. We must be making them very nervous and looks like we may have poked the bear and woke the sleeping giant."

Of course, this is all playing out on Twitter. Take a look at this exchange between the Sprint CEO and Gervais. And Sprint is getting a Royal affirmation, too--from none other than Moose.

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