Yelp! Win winter with these 5 fun KC activities

Posted at 7:45 AM, Jan 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-02 08:55:54-05

Let’s be honest, the couch can come calling around this time of the year. The holidays are behind us, and it’s natural to want to take a little breather and stay in.

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That’s not the way we roll, however! Let’s make the most of our time this winter and seek out some unique experiences to stave off those winter doldrums.

1. The Culinary Center of Kansas City? (4 stars, 24 reviews) It only seems natural that we’d gravitate towards food, and The Culinary Center of KC in Downtown OP definitely knows great food. The knowledgeable and fun crew here offers a huge array of cooking classes? couples classes, classes for kids, or something just for you to break out and try on your own.

2. Crown Center Ice Terrace? (4 stars, 16 reviews) ?Take those skills of sliding around the ice on your walkway to the big leagues at the Crown Center Ice Terrace. This seasonal KC tradition lasts long past the holidays into March, so lace up the skates and head out!

3. Breakout KC? (5 stars, 41 reviews) While it seem contradictory to break free of the couch to lock yourself in a room, we cannot stress how much fun it is to try to crack the code at Breakout KC. A fun series of clues and challenges will liven up any ol’ winter night.

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4. The NelsonAtkins Museum of Art? (5 stars, 237 reviews) ?Your creativity will flow by just setting foot inside the Nelson, but did you know they also offer art classes and onetime workshops to help you tap into your inner artist? Adults can also step out for a Third Thursday evening with music, art programs and more.

5. Tour at The Roasterie Roasting Facility? (4 stars, 28 reviews) ?A winter’s day with a cup of coffee from a local coffeeshop is always nice, but learning about bean origins, the roasting process and cupping coffee will provide a caffeinated jolt to your routine. The Roasterie’s Roasting Facility complimentary tours during weekend days are an educational change of pace. 

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