5 places to warm up with chili in metro KC

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 13:33:09-05

Chili is an instant way to warm up on a winter day. There are so many different ways to enjoy this hearty, spicy comfort food. It’s a classic on it’s own, but it’s even better when it’s covered in cheese, onions, and sometimes even some good ol’ Kansas City barbecue.

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1. Dixon’s Chili Parlor | Independence, Mo. 4 stars, 56 reviews): Dixon’s Chili Parlor stands the test of time. This famous KC restaurant was frequented by Harry S. Truman back in the day, and is still a go-to spot for locals to get their chili fix. You can have it dry, juicy, or soupy and add all the fixings to customize your bowl.

2. Woodyard Bar-Be-Que | Kansas City, Kan. (4 stars, 211 reviews) Woodyard has the most mouthwatering
combination imaginable in the dead of winter: Burntend Chili. This is frequently mentioned in Yelp reviews as the “must-order” when visiting Woodyard.

3. The Brick | Kansas City, Mo. (4 stars, 201 reviews) Yelpers love The Brick for a lot of reasons? the live music, local art, delicious burgers and ofcourse, the chili! The spicy chili here is good on it’s own or on a chili dog--or you can opt to get the veggie chili.

4. Town Topic | Kansas City, Mo. (4 stars, 173 reviews): Town Topic is the spot for homemade chili at any hour of the day. Looking for more than a bowl of chili? Get the chili cheese tots or try the omelet with chili on top for those times when you’renot quite sure if it’s time for breakfast or dinner.

5. Coney Island | Lenexa, Kan. (4.5 stars, 13 reviews) Chili Dogs and Chili Frito Pies are always a draw, but Coney Island offers something that’s tough to find around KC: Cincinnati style chili--a combo of chili, spaghetti and cheese.

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Adam Schaumburg