Rich Bracken lost more than 100 pounds and shared his weight loss tips with Cynthia Newsome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rich Bracken lost 110 pounds 16 years ago and he's kept it off. He shared his story with Cynthia Newsome Wednesday on 41 Action News Midday. Newsome is inviting people to join her 100-day Weight Loss Transformation challenge which ends in December.  

Bracken provided four tips that helped him succeed.

1) Little goals turn into big goals quicker and easier than a massive goal by itself: I never planned on losing 100 pounds. I wanted to lose 25 or so and it just became a moving goal of mine. Twenty five turned to 50, 50 turned to 75.

2) Longer term nutrition is better than a quick fix: There are so many fad diets, replacements, etc., that people buy into these days that promise a quick weight loss. They may work in the short term, but nothing is more consistent than simply eating the right foods and the right portions.

3) Be proud that you're starting and don't worry what others think: I worried a lot about what people thought of me before I started and as I was losing the initial weight. I worried how I looked when I ran or did sit-ups, so I wouldn't do them. By encouraging people to take pride in the journey and do it for their health and not their looks also lends itself to a more successful journey.

4) Talk with a trainer and a nutritionist: Education is the key to a successful weight loss. Don't be afraid or intimidated by visiting a trainer or a nutritionist. They're there to help and guide you to where you want to be. It's like using a map for a road trip. You can't get where you want to go if you don't figure out where you are and how to get there.

Bracken concluded that he still enjoys eating pasta and some desserts, but he just limits how much he eats.



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