2018 KC Auto Show debuts new models at Bartle Hall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Want to channel your inner Steve McQueen?

All you need is the Mustang, right?

Then, head for this weekend’s KC Auto Show at Bartle Hall.

The 2019 Mustang Bullitt, a rolling homage to the iconic 1968 movie, is making its debut.

According to Bryan Grier of Ford, this car is getting plenty of attention.

Here are some numbers: V-8, 475 horsepower, about 50K on the sticker.

But, this car is more than numbers. This car is automotive and cinematic history.

Just steps away, there is a simulator where you can “drive” the Mustang Green Machine.

If you’re looking for luxury, just walk down the middle aisle of the show and you come to the Maybach, at 300K, the most expensive vehicle on the floor.

It has leather that looks like artwork and feels even better…there’s even a massage feature.

In addition to the cars, there will be food, stuff for kids and a couple of KC Chiefs hanging around the place.

But, whatever you do, check out the Bullitt.

Somewhere, Steve McQueen is smiling.

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