Children's Mercy works to fight child obesity

Posted at 11:19 AM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 13:37:52-05

Childhood obesity is a key focus for Workout Wednesday in 2016. I'm committed to do everything I can to help reduce childhood obesity. 

Childhood obesity is an epidemic. Statistics show that for every three children one is overweight or obese. This year, I will highlight adults, children, families and groups working to prevent and help kids dealing with weight problems.

Children's Mercy has two programs helping children and families.

One program is called Weighing In, which seeks to align community programs to help prevent and reduce childhood obesity.

The second program is called 12345 Fit-Tastic! which is focused on five key healthy lifestyle behaviors. 

Shelly Summar is the Interim Director of Weighing In. She explained that it's important for adults to be role models to kids. 

"When children see adults exercising and eating healthy, it shows them that it is possible to make healthy choices, and it inspires the kids to give it a try," said Summar.

Summar is also concerned about the future health consequences obese and overweight children could face.

"Research shows that obese and overweight children are more likely to become obese and overweight adults; and that means they are at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and some cancers," Summar said.

Various groups are collaborating in the Kansas City metro area under an umbrella group called Kansas City Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative. The collaborative has information on obesity statistics and steps to prevent childhood obesity.

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