New Overland Park restaurant Larkburger offers eco-friendly dining

Posted at 7:57 AM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 08:57:43-04

It is a delicious call to arms: Culinary For The People!

Back in 1999, tucked among the mountains of Colorado, a chef named Thomas Salamunovich, decided he wanted to bring an amazing culinary experience to families…without busting the household budget.

Chef Thomas was a master of fine-dining at a restaurant called Larkspur in Vail, Colorado.

He got to thinking, “What’s more family-friendly than a burger?” 

But, not just any burger and not just any location.

Larkburger was born!



Now, for the first time outside of Colorado, Larkburger is open at Corbin Park in Overland Park.

According to Todd Coerver, CEO of Larkburger, the dining difference is evident before you even order your meal.

This is an eco-friendly spot to eat that emphasizes sustainability.

The walls are repurposed cypress.

The chairs are made from recycled materials swept up from the floors.

The plates, glasses, utensils get tossed in the compost receptacle.

In fact, the “trash can” may well be the smallest of any restaurant anywhere in the country.

But, what about the food?

Wayne Humphrey, COO, gave us a tasty tour.



In addition to the burgers, made to order, you can choose a tuna “burger” or a chicken “burger.”

The truffle and parmesan fries are memorable, too.

All of the food is made fresh each day.

You can wash it down with a milkshake or a local beer.

And, for those folks who have allergies or gluten issues, the menu is extremely friendly.

Larkburger is good food for families and good business for the planet.

They print it right on their cups: Every Bite Matters.