Friends of Johnson County Library hosts fall book sale

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It’s humongous! It’s capacious! It’s massive! Yes, it’s BIG.

The Big Fall Kids Book Sale presented by the Friends of Johnson County Library starts Wednesday afternoon with a preview for Friends members. Then, Thursday, Friday and Saturday everybody can get in on the action.

All of this is happening at the Central Resource Library on 87th Street in Overland Park.

Early on Wednesday morning, we were at the sorting facility. Up to 10,000 books were getting sorted, boxed and ready to be sent over to the sale.

Now, that’s a lot of books, but, in terms of the whole year, it’s a drop in the literary bucket.

The Friends of the Library move nearly 500,000 pounds of books through the doors to the library book stores and sales, during any given year.

The books are donated by the boxful by area residents.

Of course, not every book makes the cut. On Wednesday morning, there were about six tons of books waiting to be repurposed by various retail outlets or recycled.

Oh, and there’s one more synonym for “big” that seems particularly appropriate for the Fall Kids Book Sale: Voluminous!

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