WATCH: Kacie delivers Christmas trees

Posted at 7:41 AM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 08:41:59-05

Christmas tree hunting, finding, cutting, hauling, setting up, it’s a blast! And we all look forward to it every year. But maybe life happens and you don’t have the time or your vehicle isn’t big enough. I got you.

Here’s your job - two things:

1.) What size tree do you want?

2.) When do you want it delivered, set up and picked up?

Yes, I’m serious. By the Blade takes orders in October. You tell them what you want, where to be and when and they handle the rest. If you want a 4-foot tree, DONE. How about a 20-foot tree? That’s cool. Fresh cut in your front yard and brought right into your living room.

Here’s the best part - they’ll come haul it away too! All you’ve got to do is spike the eggnog and bring the boxes of decorations up from the basement ... and do the decorating. But come on, this is FABULOUS!

On-demand trees. Genius.

WATCH the video to see more, and see all of my past jobs on my Do My Job page!


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