Local man reveals 70-pound weight loss success

Posted at 8:18 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 21:18:34-04

My Workout Wednesday workout buddy has a story that's all about being patient when you're trying to lose weight. We talked about it as we exercised in his Lee's Summit home. 

Dan Rinehart told me that he almost weighed 300 pounds. That's when he decided it was time for to change. 

"I did not want to be 300 pounds and I was less than five pounds from it. I also started thinking about aging and wanting to age in a healthy way, so I knew I needed to lose weight," explained Rinehart.

For five years Rinehart would exercise, but he didn't start getting dramatic results until he changed his eating habits.

"I decided to cut in half the amount of food I would eat at meals and I also started eating smaller, more frequent meals each day that included healthy fruits and vegetables." he elaborated.

Two years later, after seven years of beginning his healthy journey, Rinehart lost 70 pounds.  

"It's not easy; but it's totally possible if people will just make that commitment not to quit," Rinehart concluded.

I appreciate that he admitted that it took seven years to lose 70 pounds. It gives all of us hope that we can do it too if we don't give up! Thanks David!



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