Motivation Monday: Creating a healthier you

Posted at 10:48 AM, Jan 04, 2016
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It’s Motivation Monday! This is the time of the year when so many of us decide to improve our personal health through a renewed exercise plan and better eating habits.

To get us off on the right foot - not to mention the right pecs, abs, lats - we spent the morning with certified personal trainer Derwin Hall.

According to Hall, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or an excess of time to get and stay fit. A chair and a couple of gallons of water will do the trick. Each gallon is about eight pounds. Of course, you can hydrate as you go if the weight gets a little heavy.

The combination of toning exercise and aerobic moves is important for men and women. Watch the video in the player above to learn some exercises you can do to prepare you to get back into the gym.

Exercise is only part of the fitness equation. Hall likes a carb-centric diet plan: heavy on the carbs three days a week, light on the carbs three days a week. That seventh day is a reward - eat what you like in moderation.

Eating several times a day but smaller portions also trains the body to burn calories more efficiently.

Hall says it is busy for personal trainers from now until about Valentine’s Day. Then, folks start to fade away. He says the secret is to keep moving, eat right and make it fun - maybe find a workout buddy - to keep things in gear all year long.

Watch the video below to see some examples of what you can eat on a carb-centric diet plan. (On a mobile device and can't see it? Watch it here.)


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