Woman's History Month: Brothel owner 'Madam' Annie Chambers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Annie Chambers became a Kansas City legend for her famous brothel in Kansas City's River Market. 

Chambers owned two different brothels between 1870 and 1923. The second and biggest one is what cemented her place in Kansas City's history. At 300 Wyandotte St., it was located between a police station and City Hall but Chambers managed to stay open for decades. 

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She also claimed to take better care of her employees than her counterparts. She often charged much higher prices and claimed to help many of her girls find husbands or a different line of work.

Eventually, she turned to Christianity later in life. The city was already cracking down on crime in her area so her business transitioned into a legitimate boarding house in 1923.

When she died in 1935, she left the building to the City Union Mission. The Mission used it for several years before it was eventually demolished in 1946.



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