Workout Wednesday: Live Wires square dancing

Workout Wednesday: Live Wires square dancing
Workout Wednesday: Live Wires square dancing
Posted at 2:07 PM, Sep 16, 2015
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In the past, when I thought about square dancing, I thought about the barn dances in old western movies. But square dancing is making a comeback. In fact, if you ask the Live Wires square dancers in Belton, Mo., square dancing never lost its popularity.

Because I'm doing dancing workouts for September, I knew I had to try square dancing, and the Live Wires were the perfect choice. They gave me a big welcome and Gloria Hooten let me borrow one of her big square dance skirts and a petticoat. Her husband, Paul, agreed to be my partner.   

Four couples are in one group and you listen to the caller who gives you instructions on what to do. We were circling left and promenade and do-si-do!  It was great fun and a great workout.

The Live Wires meet on Tuesday nights at Belton Christian Church in Belton. They are part of the Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs. There are square dance groups meeting across the metro every week. If you're interested in finding a square dance club near you, just click on this link and connect! Beginners are welcome. I received a wonderful warm welcome!

The 2018 National Square Dance Convention will be in Kansas City. Square dance clubs from Asia and Europe as well as clubs across the U.S. will be here competing. The groups are trying to get more people to participate to be ready  for the 2018 national convention.


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