Yoga on the water at Shawnee Mission Park

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Here’s a question for your Motivation Monday: What SUP?

Here’s the answer: Stand Up Paddleboard. That’s what SUP.

Now, add yoga.

Mindy Coulter, of Radiant Yoga, spends many peaceful mornings on the lake at Shawnee Mission Park. She takes people through the moves of yoga on the water.

Coulter discovered this version of the exercise while on a visit to the coast.

Now, in partnership with L.L. Bean, she is filling up classes almost as fast as she can post them.

The disciplines of yoga are magnified on the water. It challenges you to improve your core strength, your balance, and your focus.

From the warrior to the downward dog, everything one can accomplish on dry land can be enhanced while afloat.

And, there is no debate about the meditative beauty of the location.

By the way, there is also a yoga position that seems perfect for this setting: The Frog Pose.

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