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CM Mose & Son is a Premiere Generac Generator Dealer

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Posted at 12:31 PM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 21:41:51-04

If you live in Kansas City, CM Mose & Son is where you need to go to get your Generac Generator! When your power goes out during a storm or your utility company is working on the power lines in your area, you can guarantee constant power to your home or facility.

A Generac Generator can be purchased from CM Mose & Son and used according to your needs, function, and capacity. We have a generator that allows you to keep your furnace running in the winter. We have one for a homeowner who wants to run the air conditioning, the washing machine, power the pool motor and all 4 TVs in the house in the summer at the same time. We provide generators for businesses that want to remain open and operational for the safety of the business and the convenience of customers.

We supply, install, repair and maintain the Generac Generator brand of reliable whole-house backup power so you have it when you need it. Call us today at (816) 781-4707, or visit us online to schedule and get an estimate on a generator for your home or business today! CM Mose & Son is a Generac Premier Dealer.