Apple releases sneak peek at new emoji coming in iOS 11.1 update

From the Apple Newsroom to our newsroom – we’re getting a sneak peek at some of the new emoji Apple will release next week in its iOS 11.1 update.

Apple said there will be hundreds of new emoji in the update, including more smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing, food, animals and mythical creatures.

The company also said the emoji were designed with detail in mind. Some of them are so lifelike they look like an actual picture of the object.

Some of the emoji released in Friday’s preview include a mermaid, wizard, giraffe, hedgehog, takeout food, pie, a rock climber, and a curling rock, along with several clothing items and new expressions from the signature yellow smiley face.

Apple released an earlier preview in July on World Emoji Day, which revealed new characters such as “Woman with Headscarf” and “Person in Lotus Position.”

Click the image below to see all the new emoji Apple has released so far.

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