Target lets parents recycle old car seats for a discount on new ones

In honor of September being National Baby Safety Month, a pair of large retailers are giving parents a chance to unload their children's old car seats and save money on new ones. 

Target is taking your old cars seats from Sept. 10-23, and in return you get a 20 percent coupon to use on a new one.

This deal includes booster seats, car seat bases and travel systems. 

The coupon will last through Oct. 7th.

You will find recycling bins for the used seats in either the baby section or the front of the store. 

In April, Target recycled 80,000 old car seats totaling more than a million pounds of material. 

Babies "R" Us is also celebrating National Baby Safety Month by offering a discount on car seats throughout September. 

No trade-in is required to get the discount. 

Babies "R" Us does do trade-in events throughout the year. 


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