1,000-foot water slide coming to Kansas City on Saturday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Around 2,500 are expected to slip and slide down a 1,000-foot water slide for the "Slide the City" event on Saturday.

Crown Center will serve as the site for the event, which makes stops all across the country.

Saturday will mark the first time "Slide the City" comes to Kansas City, after organizers had to call off an event last year because they couldn't find a proper location.

Organizers for the Utah-based event said the idea for the water slide all started after the founders had a vision.

"They loved to be on the Slip'N Slide when they were little," explained Erin Gehring, who came to Kansas City on Friday to get ready for this weekend's event. "Now that they're older, they're thinking, 'How can we recreate that in a larger venue?'"

Information for "Slide the City" in KC

  • "Slide the City" goes from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday
  • Customers can purchase tickets for either one, three, or an unlimited number of rides down the water slide. Ticket prices range anywhere between $18 and $99. Click here for more information on tickets to "Slide the City."
  • All sliders must also be at least 5 years old and over 46 inches tall to go down the water slide.

"It's everyone, from children and families to seniors, in between the college kids," Gehring said.

The water slide will be set up along East Pershing Road, between East 25th Street and McGee Street. The location will be closed to traffic for much of the day as a result of the event.

"Slide the City" has made more than 70 stops around the country over the last two years.

Some stops have been met with controversy.

Customers have complained about long lines at events in the past.

In Pittsburgh last summer, a man severely sprained his ankle after going down the course too fast. 

Gehring explained that the man's ankle injury is the only claim ever filed after all "Slide the City" events.

She also said the incident led to extra safety precautions to be implemented, like requiring customers to use an inner tube.

"We space out the people as much as possible to give them enough room so they're not knocking into people," Gehring explained. "With the tubes, it protects them a lot more."

Organizers for "Slide the City" encourage customers who come out on Saturday to:

  • Bring water
  • Wear proper footwear, like sandals or sneakers
  • Pack lightly and do not leave personal items unattended

As far as long lines are concerned, Gehring said organizers have started a ticketing system involving specific times customers can slide down the course.

"Instead of all 2,500 people coming at one time, they choose a wave time when they purchase their ticket," she explained.

Despite some concerns, people like Jesse Cruz said they were excited for Saturday's event.

"[Slide the City] sounds awesome," he explained. "I would do it on my belly the whole way."

Others, like Patrick Peters, said the event brought them back to their childhood.

"Best Slip'N Slide you can ever have as a kid," said Peters, who was visiting from Nebraska. "What more could you ask for? Thirty feet or a thousand feet?"



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