Neighbors rescue 7-year-old Missouri girl from fallen tree

RIDGEWAY, Mo. - A Ridgeway, Missouri girl is recovering after being trapped under a falling tree during Thursday night’s severe storms.

As strong storms moved through the area, winds snapped part of nearby tree. It crashed on the home of seven-year-old Leanna.

Her family told 41 Action News the tree fell on Leanna while she was sleeping. She was trapped on her bed between the tree and the wall.

Source: Family

Leanna’s family told 41 Action News they called 911, only to hear that emergency services would take between 30 and 45 minutes to reach them.

Meanwhile, Kendra Nupp, Leanna’s aunt, said the tree was pushing onto the girl’s stomach and airway.

Source: Family

Ridgeway’s volunteer fire department responded to the scene, as well as dozens from the community.

That’s when they got to work freeing the little girl.

Kendra Nupp, Leanna’s aunt, said it was an incredible sight to see so many people working together to save her niece.

“I’m so, so grateful,” Nupp said. “I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t got here.”

Nupp says that when medics arrived, they were amazed at Leanna’s condition.

On the way to the hospital, Nupp says the little girl told medics that her guardian angel helped free her.

“She said tried but her guardian angel grabbed her hands and said ‘Leanna it’s going to be okay, come on,'” Nupp said.

Leanna suffered some bruises and a few stitches, but was for the most part, okay.

Now that Leanna is recovering, she says she wants to give back to those who helped her in her time of need. Once healed, she plans on hand-making and delivering cards to those helped.

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