Kansas City-area parents waiting for vaccine for kids 'encouraged' by Pfizer announcement

Bramlett family
Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-20 19:48:14-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Following Pfizer's announcement that its vaccine trials for children ages five through 11 showed positive results, KSHB 41 News spoke with parents in the Kansas City area.

Parents we talked to said they felt encouraged and that it gives them some peace of mind going forward.

"A lot of families, including ours, our kids already have health issues going on," Jeannie, a parent in the Blue Valley School District said. "In our case, our daughter has Type 1 diabetes, and we just don't know what this virus will do to them."

Families like Jeannie's have taken masking and COVID-19 protocols seriously, because their kids don't have the option to get vaccinated.

We spoke to them in July and followed up with them on Monday after Pfizer's announcement.

Pfizer will submit the results, which say that the vaccine is safe in younger kids, to regulatory agencies in the next few weeks.

"I've been in contact with my daughter's doctors and our doctor, just kind of chatting with them about it, because that's kind of always been our first step for resources so I'm confident that when it comes out we'll take her to go get it," Jeannie said.

It's the same scenario for Joanna Bramlett's family, whose 9-year-old son Calvin, also has a health condition.

"He had a stroke when he was three-and-a-half [years-old] caused by a series of blood clots in his brain, and it was a very severe illness," Bramlett said.

For that reason, the Bramletts have been cautious, deciding to stay home rather than be in-person for many events.

They discussed vaccine options with her son's doctors and feel good about it.

"The announcement this morning that they're likely close and the Pfizer vaccine is going to be safe for younger kids brings hope to our family," Bramlett said.

Bramlett says her kids have learned what it means to sacrifice throughout the pandemic, but they're ready to get back to activities put on pause.

"As soon as we're in a position where the community is safe and where we're not worried about whether or not our nine-year-old would survive a virus like COVID," Bramlett said.

It's that uncertainty that many parents say they just don't want to deal with anymore.

Lee's Summit mom Chelsea Crooks said she's been checking in with her young boys' pediatrician to ask about vaccine availability.

"If our pediatrician supports it, she knows way more than I could ever even imagine," Crooks said. "So I don't even feel like doing my 'own research' online can even compare to the years and years they have."

Crooks had to pick up her six-year-old son early from school due to an exposure on Monday.

"Being able to send my kid to kindergarten everyday and not have to worry," Crooks said. "We are so ready."