41 Action News wants to make sure you are up to date on all things COVID-19 going on in the community.

Vaccine information

Many residents in both Kansas and Missouri are unsure of how to sign up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 41 Action News has compiled a list of resources. If you can't find what you need, please check with your county health department for more information.

Case tracker

41 Action News is keeping track of all new coronavirus cases and related deaths in each county in both Kansas and Missouri.


As the community begins to move forward and businesses begin to reopen, 41 Action News is working to chart our course forward. The Rebound is an initiative to provide resources for getting back to work, making ends meet, managing the stress and doing what's right.

COVID-19 cases in the Kansas City metro

COVID-19 cases in Missouri

COVID-19 Cases in Kansas

What questions do you have about coronavirus? We'll work to answer them.

Johnson County, KS
COVID-19 Video Update