KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas unveils ‘soft-opening’ plan

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Posted at 10:00 AM, Apr 29, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas unveiled plans for the city’s reopening on Wednesday.

The announcement comes as other state and local officials have announced re-opening plans.

Lucas started the conference off by saying that the city has seen a decline in new infection rates, and it's because people have followed stay-at-home orders.

"You can't have a good economy when you don't have customers, when you don't have workers," Lucas said about reopening.

Lucas announced the "10/10/10 Rule" will be a key part of the plan.

KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas unveils 10/10/10 rule

As of May 15, businesses will be able to open with a capacity of 10 percent of people. Smaller businesses will be allowed to have only 10 people.

Any establishment where a customer will stay for more 10 minutes must keep track of everyone who has been there. For example, barber shops, churches and restaurants should have people sign a sheet with all of their contact information to allow contact tracing if there were an outbreak.

Lucas warned changing too drastically could cause an increase in infections.

"I think what we have here is a responsible acceleration," Lucas said about the 10/10/10 plan.

Some businesses will be allowed to open before May 15.

Non-essential businesses that do not have the public entering are allowed to reopen a week from Wednesday in a "soft opening" on May 6.

The example Lucas gave was an advertising firm where employees work but the public does not frequent. Another example would be factories, but they should all have social distancing practice in place.

Lucas said all workers who feel uncomfortable who are employed by one of these businesses may not fire someone for not coming to work or must continue letting them work from home.

Essential businesses, like hospitals, are also able to operate without restrictions in the soft opening. Things like checkups and elective procedures are allowed.

Things like bars, restaurants, government offices, zoos, parks and community centers will not be allowed to open until May 15.

When those businesses do reopen, they will have to follow public health guidelines. Things like masks and gloves will be required.

"We still encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible. We still encourage anyone who can telework to do so, at least until May 15," Lucas said.

Event will also maintain a 10-person limit on indoor events. Outdoor events may have 50 people permitted social distancing is followed.

That decision also applies to churches.

The state of emergency for Kansas City has been extended for 90 days to continue to control event attendance.

"All of those standards will be based on medical data," Lucas explained.

That data includes new infections, hospitalizations, testing and tracing.

"Kansas City, Missouri, has led the region in a lot of ways during this crisis," Lucas said, referencing how the city has handled many of those data points. "We will continue investing in testing, tracing and hospitalizations."

Dr. Rex Archer with the Kansas City Health Department said more waves of outbreaks are inevitable, which is why contact tracing guidelines are important.

"It is still not safe to go out, particularly if you are over 60 or you have any of the preexisting conditions..." he said.

Archer suggested businesses do not serve patrons unless that person is wearing a mask.

Mask and PPE requirements will be enforced at any business where social distance can not be maintained, like a salon or barber shop.

Lucas emphasized that he believes the city has the best guidelines for moving forward, and hopes all of the regional jurisdictions can work together.

Anyone who sees a violation of the 10/10/10 order can still call 311 for enforcement.