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Citizen catches Roger Golubski grabbing lunch at Culver's, possibly violating pre-trial release

Roger Golubski in court
Posted at 5:06 PM, Feb 26, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A concerned citizen took photos and video of former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski at a Culver's restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, something federal attorneys say violates the terms of his pre-trial release.

Golubski was charged in September 2022 in federal court for felony deprivation of civil rights. His attorneys fought for and won their client the ability to stay out of federal custody pending his trail. Golubski instead was ordered to home detention based on his medical conditions.

In a filing released Monday, federal prosecutors say an authenticated photo showing Golubski visiting the Culver’s restaurant in the Village West area of Kansas City, Kansas, without prior approval from his probation officer violated those pre-trial release terms.

“Under the Court’s terms, the defendant was warned: 'You are restricted to your residence at all times except for employment; education; religious services; medical, substance abuse, or mental health treatment; attorney visits; court appearances; court-ordered obligations; or other activities approved in advance by the pretrial services office or supervising officer.'"

The citizen, who was familiar with Golubski, spotted Golubski and another woman, into whose custody Golubski had been released, around noon on Jan. 23, 2024. The filing says the citizen started taking photos and videos.

Once the pair noticed the citizen recording, they left the restaurant.

Attorneys followed up with Golubski's probation officer, who said that instead of returning home immediately after a doctor’s appointment, Golubski headed to the Culver’s restaurant, where he remained for 10 minutes before leaving after being spotted by the citizen.

The citizen told attorneys it was their belief Golubski and the woman would have remained at the restaurant eating their food had they not spotted the citizen recording them.

“The defendant’s disregard of the Court’s strict warnings about the conditions under which he was released compound the concerns the government expressed at the initial detention hearing," federal attorneys wrote in Monday's filing. "Accordingly, the government now respectfully asks this Court to revoke the defendant’s release and issue an order of detention. If the Court does not detain the defendant, the government moves that the defendant’s conditions be modified from home detention to home incarceration, which provides that the defendant is 'restricted to 24-hour-a-day lock-down at [his] residence except for medical necessities and court appearances or other activities specifically approved by the court.'"

District Court Judge Toby Crouse has not yet ruled on the government's motion. Golubski's case remains ongoing.

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