Family increases reward for information about young woman's murder in Waldo park

Posted at 5:16 PM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 19:52:01-04

Destiny Weaver's family is increasing the reward money for information on her murder to $2,500.

"She was beautiful. She was vibrant," Weaver's mother DiHaan Coody described. 

Coody never thought her daughter's face would be on an unsolved murder poster. She says her daughter was an entrepreneur, a youth counselor, and went to college to study forensic science.

"We want justice. We want to know who did it, why you did it, why did you take my daughter who had so much going for herself?" Coody said.

Weaver, who had just turned 25 years old, was found shot to death in her car the morning of June 2. She was parked at Tower Park at 75th & Holmes. Two sisters who discovered Destiny say they saw her parked there the afternoon before, smoking a cigarette. Dried blood was found on Destiny's body.

Coody says it doesn't make sense because Destiny didn't have issues with anyone.

"I just feel like whoever did this was someone probably close to her," Coody said. "Why I say that is because my daughter was very particular who she was around, who she hung with, who she built a relationship with."

The thought that her murderer is still out there is terrifying.

"Do I need to be in fear for my life, too?" Coody said.

Police tell 41 Action News they are still investigating, but have no further information.

Coody pointed out surveillance cameras on a signal tower in the parking lot, next to the water tower. She feels the cameras, which appear to point in the direction of the parking lot, could hold the answers to Destiny's last moments.

Kansas City's water department owns those cameras and police have already been in contact with them, Parks and Recreation told 41 Action News. 

Police had not commented on the cameras as of Tuesday afternoon.

"I would like to know if they work, who they belong to, and if there's some type of footage on there in reference to my daughter's case. In my heart, I believe it is," Coody said.

Coody says she won't rest until she has answers.

"I loved my daughter very deeply, and nothing will be able to fill that void. I just really ask the community to please help," she said.

Anyone with information can call the TIPS Hotline anonymously at 816-474-TIPS.