FBI: Ottawa man wanted to buy, 'enslave' woman and child for sex

Posted at 1:13 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 07:13:42-04

An Ottawa man was charged in federal court Monday with attempted sex trafficking of a child.

Michael Mitchell, 63, was charged with one count of attempted sex trafficking of a child, six counts of electronic solicitation, one count of attempted coercion and enticement of a minor, and one count of interstate travel for the purpose of having sex with a minor.

Court documents allege Mitchell told undercover investigators he was looking for a mother and children to enslave for sex and he was willing to pay for it, according to a news release from the Office of United States Attorney Tom Beall.

A cooperating witness who pleaded guilty in another case involving sex trafficking of children told authorities about his role and activities in the sex trafficking organization. He told investigators he set up dates with a person who used the name “Master Mike.” The witness said he had agreed to find Master Mike a mother who had children or who was willing to have a child who would become Master Mike’s sex slaves, according to court documents.

Law enforcement identified Mitchell as Master Mike.

Court documents say law enforcement executed a search warrant on Mitchell’s email account. It showed communications from Mitchell attempting to obtain a female and children to enslave in his home. He engaged with women who had children looking to be taken care of financially. Court documents say he offered housing and that their children would be taken care of if they were all subordinate to him and would engage in incestuous relationships.

During an undercover operation, the cooperating witness met Mitchell and gave him contact information for an undercover agent posing as an individual who had access to a mother and child that could potentially be Mitchell’s sex slaves.

Mitchell contacted an undercover agent about the mother and child via text message. He then contacted another undercover agent who he believed was the mother.

Court documents say Mitchell texted the undercover agent about meeting and what was expected, saying, “I will take care of you, but it wont be easy on either of you. I’m a sadist and enjoy inflicting pain. Neither of you will ever be allowed to say no to me.”

On June 8, the undercover agents received text messages confirming Mitchell’s intent to come to Kansas City, Missouri to meet the undercover agent, the mother and child to test out the “property.”

One June 10, Mitchell met with the undercover agent at the Adams Mark Hotel. Mitchell gave the agent money for the females. The undercover agent took him to a hotel room, and when Mitchell entered he was taken into custody.

Upon his arrest, Mitchell was taken to the Independence Police Department. He told police he had attempted to purchase a mother and daughter for sexual purposes, according to court documents. Mitchell told police he paid a man he knew to be a pimp $15,000 to find a mother and child to enslave in his home. He said the same pimp drove a 15-year-old female to his house for commercial sex.

Court documents say Mitchell told law enforcement he knew they had ruined his life, but he was thankful someone had stopped him.  

Read the court documents below: