Frazier Glenn Cross files motion for new trial

Frazier Glenn Cross files motion for new trial
Posted at 11:23 AM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 12:23:15-04

Frazier Glenn Cross, the convicted murderer of three people at Jewish facilities in Johnson County, has officially filed a motion seeking a new trial.

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In his motion for a new trial, Cross blames the media and the court for creating what he believes was an unfair trial for him.

He writes in the motion:

“This court denied my motion for a change of venue, even though it was blatantly obvious that, due to the massive hate propaganda directed against me by the local media, including virtually the entire Kansas City, Missouri TV, radio, and newspaper establishments, that continued frequently for the 16 months before my trial even began, I very likely would not wind up with a fair and impartial jury. The jury selected, was hostile towards me from start to finish, and their verdict and sentencing were never in doubt.”

Cross represented himself during the trial, meaning he had a say in jury selection.

In the motion, he also criticized Judge Kelly Ryan, who presided over the case.

Cross was convicted in the April 2014 deaths of Reat Underwood, William Corporon, and Terri LaManno on Aug. 31, 2015.

That same jury recommended the death penalty for Cross on Sept. 8, 2015.

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The motion will be responded to prior to Nov. 10, which is the scheduled sentencing date for Cross.


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